Adjust volume of receiver

To adjust the volume of the receiver, while on the phone, press the volume bar right to increase the volume of the caller’s voice or left to decrease the volume of the caller’s voice.


Display Messages

  • Feature is in use Call forwarding is on
  • Private number Caller has requested that number be blocked
  • Unknown caller Information on call is not available
  • Long distance Incoming call is long distance
  • Message waiting Light flashes slowly, voice message waiting
  • Check phone cord Check to see if phone plugged into wall jack securely
  • Ringer is OFF Press volume bar right to turn ringer on


Display not working

Check to see if power supply is plugged in properly.


Save number of a memory key

- Press the SAVE key
- Press the memory key where you want to save the number
- Use the dial pad to enter the number. If you are entering an internal number, use the 4 digit number.   For external numbers, dial 9 and then 7 digit number.
- Press SAVE key


Erase a number on a memory key

- Press the memory key you want to erase
- Press # twice to erase the contents


Personalize your phone

There are five options available to personalize your phone.

1. Change the display language
2. Set the time and date
3. Set the ring tone and ringer volume
4. Turn the light off
    Use this option to program a memory key to turn the light on and active a feature.
5. Enter you area code
    Use the option when you don’t want the area code to show on local calls.

To access these options

- Without picking up the receiver, move the sliding panel below the display and press the set options key to see the choices.

- Press * to move throught the list of the five options and press the selection number for the option you want to change and follow the prompts on the display.

Note: During power outages the telephone set will retain the time/date in memory for approximately 15 minutes. After this time you will have to reset time/date. Please note that any features or numbers programmed into the memory keys will be retained beyond 15 minutes.

Program Call Forwarding on memory key

Memory keys can be used to activate and deactivate call forward. When call forward is ON the feature light will be turned on.

To program Call Forwarding ON on a key
- Press SAVE
- Press 1 to program key
- Press the memory key you want to use for call forward ON
- Enter the activate call forwarding access code 555 then # key. Enter the 4 digit or 9 then 7 digit number   you forward to regularly.
- Press SAVE again

To program Call Forwarding OFF on a key
- Press SAVE
- Press 1 to program key
- Press the memory key you want to use for call forward OFF
- Enter the deactivate call forwarding access code 556
- Press SAVE again

Recall number of last incoming call

With the handset down

- Press * The number will appear on the display


Turn ringer OFF

With the handset down press volume bar left until Ringer Off shows on display.

Turn ringer volume up or down

While the phone is ringing press volume bar left for softer or right for louder.

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